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In today’s time, everyone wants their website, their blog to be number one on Google. The question is how? SEO plays an important role to rank your blog on Search Engine Result Page (SERP).  

In today’s blog we will talk about SEO in Hindi. Learn everything about SEO which is necessary to optimize your website. 

What is SEO? 

SEO is considered very important in ranking the website at the top of Google, which we call Search Engine Optimization. It is really related to your website ranking on Google search engine. Whenever you search a website on Google, the ranking of your result is decided by the SEO of the website.  

A good SEO website is an essential factor if you want to attract more attention to your website. SEO provides a great way to increase your website traffic, without spending heavily on advertising and support. SEO is a dynamic and constantly changing discipline where one thing does not last long. This makes it a little difficult to understand. 

It is very important to be fully informed as well as understand the basics in order to gain expertise in SEO. From trends to algorithms, everything needs to be well laid out to make the best use of SEO. 

When the Internet came into existence, SEO was not really a marketing tool. It was only used to understand search results and work around the internet. But now a lot has changed. SEO is not just a search technique but it has become a great way of marketing your brand. 

If you have just started your website or want to take your business to digital mode then SEO will play an important role in this. However, you do not need to worry as you will not need to go deep into SEO to understand it. Knowing a few basics and being aware of the changes around you will also get the job done efficiently. 

So today, in this blog you will understand the basics of SEO along with tips and tricks to increase the SEO of your website. 

Google Algorithm 

  • In simple language, Algorithm means some such rules which help us in solving a problem. Keeping this in mind, Google has created algorithms to organize its data. All types of algorithms used by Google determine the result and ranking of a user’s search. It determines how the website will be ranked for a given search. Several aspects are considered to determine the ranking of a website under Google Algorithm such as; 
     Data analysis is done by Google Algorithm to find the correct result of the keyword the user types for the search.   

  • The results align with the meaning of search. This means that the search result will be decided according to their qualification or eligibility with the keywords used for the search.   
  • Better readability Google prefers webpages with faster loading times and better accessibility . 
  • The user’s environment also determines the search result. It also denotes uniqueness as per merit. Many factors like location of users, interests, past searches etc. play a very important role in deciding search results. 

Google algorithm is not a fixed mechanism. It is slowly changing and evolving structure. However, the changes are not very drastic. Google makes small changes to its algorithm every day, while large-scale changes and updates take years to come. 

No one knows the exact mechanism many search engines use to determine results, but we have plenty of glimpses of their working mechanisms. These highlights are enough to provide you with the information you need regarding raising your website in search results. 

Factors To Increase Your SEO 

Now we will discuss some basic factors which play a vital role in keeping your website ranking high. These are not very difficult to understand but certainly every factor is important to implement. 

1. Content for your target audience  

Before posting your content, think about whether it is useful to your users or not. Quality Content is a very famous term in the field of SEO and Digital Marketing. It means content that is informative and useful to your audience. For example, a food blog primarily targets foodies and tourists. But if you start posting about sports cars or bikes on it, then your users will find that content useless. Search engines will also take this into account and your website ranking will eventually go down. 

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2. Website Eligibility 

You want your website to be in the top ranking of Google. But if your website is not crawlable, eventually it will go down in terms of ranking. Loading time, accessibility, content etc decide whether your website will rank or not. Crawlable websites are also easily found by search engines. 

Hyperlinks and Backlinks play a very important role in raising the ranking of your website. Google ranks your website higher when there are multiple relevant hyperlinks linked to your website. But qualification plays a very important role here. 

4. Unique Content 

If you’re posting content that’s credible to people, but similar to other competitors, it’s less likely that Google will pick your website for a higher ranking. Because your content will be considered as duplicate which can be dangerous for your website. 

5. Click Count or Impressions 

Better click count represents higher impressions or potential visitors to your website. To get more click count, you can try to customize your title tag with meta description. Webpages with meta tags have better reach and rank higher in Google searches. 

6. Load speed 

Websites with fast loading speed get better ranking in SEO. Because such websites get better response from users. They spend more time on the website which ultimately provides good response from Google results. 

Types of SEO 

There are 3 types of SEO:

  • On Page SEO 
  • Off Page SEO  
  • Local SEO 

On-page and off-page SEO 

On-page SEO refers to the content of web pages and other web links that are aligned with Google search results. Whereas off-page SEO means any other activities that are not directly related to your website but still help in changing its SEO ranking. 

If you want your website to rank high in SEO ranking then both SEO operations need to be conducted carefully. One affects webpage ranking directly while the other affects it indirectly. 

To manage on-page SEO, you have to work on website content. The most important aspect to increasing your on-page SEO is building your content for your target customers while adding more keywords to the content. 

Some tips to improve on page SEO: 

  • Qualified Content Analyze your niche, explore and try to understand which is the best location for your website. For example, if your website sells trendy items of clothing, then the fashion niche is of paramount importance to you. 

  • Page loading speed Try to reduce the loading time of your page. Reduce the size of the images on your website. This will reduce the downloading time and increase the page loading speed. 

  • Make your content SEO friendly by using tools like Meta Data Keywords, Meta Heads, Meta Description etc which we will discuss further. 

  •  Post Consistency Consistently. Make a proper schedule and update the content regularly.  

Some basic tips to increase your off-page SEO 

Apart from the above mentioned methods, there are some other ways to increase your SEO. Let’s take a look at some tips to increase your off-page SEO. 

  • Hyperlinks Add as many hyperlinks as you can and see how fast your website climbs up the SEO rankings. But keep in mind that your hyperlinks are qualified to the content and users of your website. 

  • Blog commenting is not only a great way to build relationships with your users, but it’s also great for providing better feedback for your website. Users can directly put their ideas and you can use them as constructive feedback. 

  • Add more pictures and videos More photos and videos not only make the content more engaging but also make it more easily readable which is loved by users as well as Google. 

  • Guest Content This provides a great way to regularly update your content while also attracting audiences from other content creators. Your content for your website is being updated regularly, while the combined audience views are growing.  

Local SEO 

Everything is in the name of Local SEO. Local SEO plays the most important role in growing your business at the local level.  

With Local SEO, you can increase your business by targeting your nearest customers. 

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Some Tips to Grow Local SEO 

  • Google My Business: You set up your Google My Business account, optimize it and list your business online.  
  • Google Maps: List your business on Google Maps and optimize it, which will make your Local SEO strong. 
  • Search Directory Listing: Listing your business on search directories like Sulekha, Yellow Pages, JustDial, India Mart can also prove to be very beneficial for your business. 

Keyword research 

Keywords play a major role in increasing the SEO of any webpage. You can also consider it as the main factor which decides SEO ranking. Finding keywords can be a daunting task if you are just starting out. Here is our short guide for you that will help you determine the right keywords for your website. 

  • Research your target audience This is just as important as trying to find customers for a retail store. You can’t determine which keyword is appropriate without determining what audience you’re working for. Without understanding the audience, you can’t even start posting content because it won’t make any sense. Using Google Suggest, you can try to find the best target audience for your website by researching your competitors.  
Keyword research
  •  Check Eligibility Whatever keyword you choose for your website, make sure it matches with your researched target audience. Keywords should be used frequently by the target audience. You can understand it as if a user types so8me keywords related to the content in his search box. Shows Google results based on these commonly used keywords. If you are using keywords that are not used by people related to your website or by your customers in general, those keywords will give zero results.  

  •  Keyword Finding Sites There are many tools and sites you can use to find qualified keywords. The best is Google Suggest. When we search for specific content in a particular domain, many keywords are suggested by Google. Start by typing your main keyword, then Google Suggest will show you several keywords. These keywords will provide you with many side keywords or secondary keywords that your users can use. Next, you can also try the Keyword Tool. There are many free and paid tools with the help of which you can research keywords. You can also do keyword research using Google Adwords and Google Trends . Ubersuggest , Ahrefs , SEMRush  

  • There are a few named tools that you can use to do keyword research. All these tools offer both free and paid plans. You can also try paid keywords as they promise to bring in a lot of website traffic in the beginning. Always focus on two steps to try to find the best keywords. The first is the seed keyword and the second is the competitor’s domain URL. 

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  • This is just as important as trying to find customers for a retail store. You can’t determine which keyword is appropriate without determining what audience you’re working for. Without understanding the audience, you can’t even start posting content because it won’t make sense. Using Google Analytics, you can research your competitors and try to find the best target audience for your website.  

  • Whatever keyword you choose for your website, make sure it makes sense with your researched target audience. Keywords should be used frequently by the target audience. You can understand it as if a user types some keywords related to the content in his search box. Shows Google results based on these commonly used keywords. If you are using keywords that are not used by people related to your website or by your customers in general, those keywords will give zero results. 

  • Understand Keyword Metrics and Search Volume You want to find the best and eligible keywords for you which comes with high research volume. For that, you have to consider three factors – popularity, merit and rank. Search volume tells how much people are using keywords. The higher the keyword search volume, the better the keyword. Better keywords can also be decided by analyzing the keyword difficulty, which can increase the SEO of the website. 


  • SEO is very important for any website. If you want to increase your reach and make your website easily accessible then make your website SEO friendly. 
  • Include more photos and videos to make your website more attractive. But make sure your loading time is not affected by this. 
  • Try to add meta description, meta title, subtitle etc wherever necessary. These help in making your content easily readable while increasing your ranking. Along with this it is also very important to update your content regularly. 
  • The content should be according to your target audience. Posting new content on a web page can be the best way to increase SEO ranking. But keep in mind that the content is qualified, extraordinary, and useful. Content should also be optimized for SEO using several techniques. 
  • You can optimize your web content for SEO by using keywords, creating subtitles, adding bullet points, etc. The easily readable content is highly preferred by the users as well as the search engines. Google is the most important SEO search engine recently. All the activities related to SEO are mainly related to google. Algorithm is also important for SEO aligning your content. 
  • When you try to understand the algorithm, don’t forget that there is no sure way to do SEO optimization.  

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