Today in this post we are going to talk about some such facts related to the website which many people do not know which we will understand through what is WordPress .

Because if you are an internet user then it is very important for you to know how and how any website is created.

So stay with us on this post because not only here we will know what is WordPress? Along with this, you will also know how you can make a better career in it with its help, and many more..

But before that, I have a question to you, have you ever had such a question in your mind- Who are all the websites you see after searching in Google?

Probably, many people would think that all these websites belong to Google, they themselves keep all these post articles by writing and when we search any thing in Google, Google gives us the information related to it.

Well, there was a time when I felt the same way. But let me tell you that out of all the websites on the Internet, most of the websites and blogs have been created by people like you and me.

Yes, if you also want to have a website in which you can also write articles which can be read by any Google, then you are absolutely right place because here we will know how all this is possible.

By the way, in today’s time, a website can be created in two ways, first by coding and second by any CMS software, one of which is WordPress.

But here comes the question, why websites are created after all. There can be many reasons for this, which we will see in points one by one below.

If we talk about career first, then all people can make them whether they are a student, job worker or a homemaker.

So read this post in detail because by reading this post you will get an idea that there are many things to do in the world by which you can improve your life, the only difference is that you are unaware of those things.

Therefore, in this blog post, a technical knowledge and information have been given for those people who want to earn by working for themselves. Let us now see what we can do through WordPress.

The special thing in WordPress is that you do not need to have technical knowledge to learn from it, anyone can learn it.

Now I am going to tell some of its earning sources, which will give you an inspiration why and for what it should be learned.

Blogging Website: As you can see this is my blogging website in which you are reading my post right now and many such people come to read the post which increases the traffic of our website and this traffic generates money for you. gives.

You can also do all this, you too can earn money by creating a blog website, for more information, you must read these two posts. What is blogging , and how to write a blog ?

Downloading Website: You can also bring traffic to your website by creating a website like downloading, which can generate money, such as Movies, Songs Images, downloading site or you can earn money by creating software, application downloading site, content related to it. You will find it on the internet.

Freelancer: In WordPress, you can create a website for your website as well as for others, such as for a shop or business company and you can charge money from them according to the market. As you build a website for the needs of the people, you will be able to earn more.

Affiliate Marketing: Out of all the website earning sources we have mentioned so far, the highest earning can be done through it. But for this you need to have a website.

Which you can easily create through WordPress. After which you can write an article on something that you can put affiliate links on in your article.

Although these links can be of a company’s products or services, it means that it is related to online marketing. When a user buys something through your affiliate links, then you get some percentage commission of that thing.

Business Website: This is the last “but not the least” Apart from all those websites, if you want, you can create a website specially for your business and take your business online – in which you can buy any products or services of your business. can sell.

But before doing all this, you have to understand what is WordPress and how does it work and why is it the most popular website building platform of all?

WordPress is one such website building platform. Where you can create any kind of website, but as we know, to make a website, we should know a lot of coding language. 

But WordPress was developed in such a way that you can create a powerful website without learning any coding language.

Through WordPress, you can also create a website by simply drag & drop – Drag & Drop means that such features have been given inside it in which each and every structure of the website is already made. “You can also call these structures (elements).

You just have to select that structure or elements and drop them on the website, from which that thing is made automatically.

Therefore, to make a website in this, you do not need to do coding because structure and elements are already made in it, which we can make a website or any page by adding those different structure and elements together. Is.

Being all these features of WordPress, 35% of the websites around the world are built in WordPress itself.

If WordPress is seen for security purpose, then WordPress is completely secure because it is made from powerful language ( PHP) and PHP language has also been used in Facebook, one of the world’s most opened website. 

Apart from this, the websites of many big companies  Sony Music, TechCrunch, Bata, BBC America, Mt News, Microsoft News Center have all been built on WordPress itself. So you can understand. The websites built in it are secure and powerful. 

Let us now understand this in more depth

1- What is WordPress?

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) software which is created by coding from PHP and MYSQL computer language, with the help of which we can create any kind of website and along with it the website’s Pages, Post article, Image, Video and Site Design , etc. Everyone can easily manage that is why it is called CMS software.

WordPress was launched on 27 May 2003 by Matthew Mullenweg which has become the world’s most used CMS software in today’s time.

If we understand it in simple language, then WordPress is an open source software, which is used to create online website and blog. Here the meaning of Open Source is that it is completely free, for this you do not need to pay any money.

But keep in mind , I have told this software to be open source, which is used to create a website, but in order to create a website, other things are needed besides this software, one of which is. Web hosting inside which we install WordPress. 

Along with hosting, you also need a domain because these two main things are needed to create any type of website or blog. Which you have to buy. 

So now we will focus a little on those things that are needed to make a website and will also know about them what it is and how it works. 

Well, before that I want to tell you one more thing as we had read in this post that with the help of WordPress you can earn by creating a website but, for this you have to invest a little in WordPress, so if you If you want to know how to earn by creating a blog website without investment, then definitely have to know about Blogspot .

2- What is WordPress Hosting? 

Web hosting is an online data store that stores the data of your website online, when you upload any content to your website such as post-article, images, videos, everything is stored in a web-hosting. Only then does all this content appear in your website, which any person in the world can see by searching in google. 

That’s why we have needed web hosting to store website content online in WordPress.

cloud computing data storage server web hosting and technology security vector illustration

For more information, what is web hosting , definitely read this post.

3- What is Domain Name and its use? 

Domain Name is the main part of any website or blog, let’s understand how? If I ask you .. how can you be recognized, then it is obvious that you will say by name.. Just like the domain is an “ Address Name ” of our website. So when a person searches the domain name of any website in Google’s search engine, Google gets to know from that domain address name which website you have searched. Due to which that website gets open in front of you at the same time.

Like my website name is and when you search it in google then my website will be open.

Some of the domain names are as follows,, etc.

4- Do you know how many types of WordPress are there?

So far, whatever we read about WordPress, it has come to know that it is a very powerful website creation tool. But before using it, you should know that there are two types of WordPress and what is the difference between the two. 

  • WordPress.Com
  • WordPress.Org

In the initial phase, whoever thinks of making a website or blogs in it, they may have some difficulty in understanding which WordPress should be used and which one should not, well if you too are not able to understand it then it does not matter, now we will do it. Just about to read. : You can call it all in one “website builder” platform because it does not require any external hosting and domain. “” is available in both free and paid service but you do not get any features for free, so in this you cannot create a professional blog or website which we will see in the points given below. 

But if you want to use it for a professional purpose then you can take paid service which becomes expensive from and does not get features like that. Simply put, if you want to make a career in blogging, go to and not in it.

It gives only 3GB of storage for free, so that you can upgrade from paid service to 6GB, 13GB and 200GB .

• In this you cannot monetize your website because it does not run Google Adsense and any other advertising programs.

• In this, WordPress itself runs advertising programs, which you can remove only in paid service.

• gives a subdomain for free, in which “WordPress” shows its name along with your website name. For example: As the name of my site is then its subdomain in WordPress will be (if you want you can set custom domain with paid service)

• It is available in 5 plans FREE, PERSONAL, PREMIUM, BUSINESS, E-COMMERCE ) which is “Business and E-commerce is very expensive plan and the remaining three have very less feautres.

• You cannot install any Themes and Plugins , it is available only in “BUSINESS and E-COMMERCE” plan.

• It does not provide any SEO Tools, it is also available only in “BUSINESS and E-COMMERCE” plan.

WordPress keeps the website created in it’s own hosting, so you can say that the content of your website is not in your hands, it is with WordPress, which can also remove your website at any time. : This self-hosted website builder platform, so you have all the control of your website. Everyone likes it the most because it fills all the shortcomings of, which makes it a powerful website creation tool. 

• Thousands of themes and plugins have been given in the theme directory of WordPress, which you can easily install in one click.

• It is completely SEO friendly because it has plugins like yoast seo and rank math which help a lot in SEO.

• You can install it in your own hosting service, due to which your website is completely in your hands.

• It supports Google Adsense and all types of advertising programs, so that you can also monetize your website.

• This is an open source software, so anyone can install it for free.

• It also gives you the features of backend, by which you can design and customize your website.

• It is very good for blogging.

• In this you can create any type of website and can easily mange.

5- What is WordPress Plugins?

WordPress Plugins is like a software which, like WordPress, is also created by PHP coding, this software enhances the features and functionality of WordPress. Which you can install from the “directory” of Add plugins in the Admin area of ​​WordPress.

If we talk about the number of plugins, then it is in thousands in which you get both free and paid.

Business concept.Text WordPress Plugin writing on notepaper with pencil,paper clips and glasses on yellow background.

By the way, plugins are for many types of use such as website speed, website SEO, website security and many other things. Which is very important for any website. But apart from this, WordPress plugins are also used for many such needs as when we have to add any special additional features to our website and we do not have to do any coding for that.

6- What is WordPress Themes?

WordPress Themes are the structure of a website which is completely the website itself. Actually this website is made for WordPress. Which we know by the name of WordPress theme.

WordPress Theme is in thousands which is divided into different categories like technology, health, food, e-commerce, travel etc. Which you can install according to your website categories from the “directory” of Add Theme in WordPress Admin area. These themes are of different styles and designs, which can be changed whenever they want. 

You get WordPress themes both in paid and free.

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7- How and where to learn WordPress?

Many people have many questions regarding WordPress such as-

  • How to download wordpress.
  • How to use wordpress.
  • How to learn wordpress.

But before all this, you should know something like we read in this post that you need web-hosting to install WordPress, but not everyone can buy hosting to learn WordPress. 

So do not worry at all because there are other ways to learn it, in which you will not need to buy any hosting or domain, because you can download and install it on your computer, after which use all the features of WordPress. Can do, but there is some condition for it.

As we know WordPress is a software that you need a server to install which this server can be online as well as offline and when we install WordPress in offline server then this server is called local host. Sow, after which you can use all the features of WordPress, but there is some condition for it.

Look friends, we know WordPress is a software but we cannot use it by installing it in any laptop and computer like this.

This happens because WordPress is made from PHP language and our computer’s browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, this language cannot read or understand all this PHP, that is why we install WordPress like this. Cannot use.

Therefore, before installing WordPress, we have to install another software named “xampp” which can run PHP language, with the help of which we can learn WordPress by installing it on our computer or laptop. 

When we install WordPress in our computer without hosting, it is known as local-host, what is local-host, you can see by Google.

But how will you do all this and how will you learn, for that too I have shared a great “WordPress playlist video series” from YouTube in this post, which if you flow, you will soon learn WordPress.

Conclusion :

For any blog, their visitors are very valid, because it is because of them that any blog is successful, in such a situation, it should be our endeavor that we reach our visitors completely and correctly answer all the questions. so that they may have faith in us. That’s why I want to know from you, if you got to learn something from this post, then definitely tell us and apart from this, if you have any question regarding this blog, then you can ask by commenting.

I hope this post would have been helpful for you. If you also have any such question as Marketing, SEO, Blogging, or anything else, on which you want a blog in full details, then you can cooperate for us by commenting on us so that I can know what you need. Need a blog on the topic.

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