Are you thinking of buying web hosting from Hostgator and you want to know its review, then you will get all the answers in “Hostgator Review In English” post. I am using Hostgator since last 1 year so I don’t think any blogger better than me will be able to give its review.

In that post, I will tell you the whole process from Hostgator’s shared hosting plan to the domain registry and I will also explain to you all their plans step-by-step in front of you. All this is going to be of great use to you, so do not leave this article in the middle and together I have also brought a gift price for you, with the help of which you will also get extra benefits while buying hosting. If you stay till the end then many more Coupon Codes are waiting for you. So let’s get started.

Hostgator Review in English – Shared Hosting

First of all, we will compare their hosting plans and see which hosting plan you should take for shared hosting.

Linux Shared Hosting

Starter Plan:- This hosting plan is very good for those people who have just come to blogging. In this you can host a single domain. With 10 GB disk space, you can also transfer data up to 100 GB in it. In this hosting plan, you also get the option of unlimited database. According to the offer of this time, you also get a free .net domain name up to 1 year with a free SSL certificate here.

Hatchling Plan: – In this plan you get the option of hosting a single domain. Apart from this, you get Unlimited Database, Transfer, and Disk Space in it.

Baby Plan:- Even if you are thinking of taking a baby plan, I will tell you all the details of them too. In this, you get Unlimited Domains, Disk Space, Transfer, Email Account, Databases, as well as Free SSL Certificate and .net Domain Name for 1 year.

Business Plan:- Now we come to the Recommended Plan of HostGator, which is the Business Plan, in this also you get unlimited everything like Baby Plan. If you have even a little knowledge of hosting and you know how to write a blog and do SEO, then this is going to be the best for you.

If you want to compare all of these with their Linux Hosting Plan, then definitely see this table once.

It was a matter of Linux Shared Hosting, now we are going to talk about Window Shared Hosting. After that we will also compare whether Linux Shared Hosting is Best or Window Shared Hosting, that too with difference.

My Opinion Hostgator Review in English on Linux Shared Hosting:- According to me if you are a beginner and you do not have any knowledge then you can buy “Starter Plan” but if you have knowledge and if you have multiple websites then Their baby plan is the best for you.

Window Shared Hosting

Let us now talk about Window Shared Hosting, you get three plans in this. Let us know about all these one by one.

Starter Plan: – In this you can host a single domain. Under this plan, you get 10 GB Disk Space, 5 Email Accounts which you can create by going to C-Panel as well as Plesk Panel, in this you also get the option of One-click script installation. Talking about SSL Certificate, you will also get it for free. Unmetered Bandwidth, Unlimited MySQL, Microsoft SQL will also be available after that you will also get CloudFlare CDN Plugin in it.

Personal Plan: – In this also you get Single Domain along with Unmetered Disk Space, after that Unlimited Email Account is also available. In this plan also you can enjoy the latest Plesk Panel. Here you will get One-click script installation. You get SSL Certificate here for free. Even if you are looking for Unmetered Bandwidth, you can buy this plan. You also get Unlimited MySQL, Microsoft SQL, CloudFlare CDN plugin for free in this plan.

Enterprise Plan:- In this, you can run 5 different websites by adding your 5 Domains, apart from this, everything in this Hosting Plan is like a Personal Plan, which does not need to be told again. Here you get two things extra from both those plans which is Free Upgrade to Positive SSL and Free Dedicated IP.

My Opinion Hostgator Review in English on Window Shared Hosting:- If you are thinking of taking window shared hosting, then I will suggest you Starter Plan as it will be more beneficial for you.

Hostgator Review in English- Open Source Web Hosting

HostGator has two plans for Open Source Web Hosting, first Starter and second Cloud, let’s know about these two in detail.

Starter Plan: – In Starter Plan, you get Single Domain and its memory of 10 GB, Transfer up to 100 GB and SSL Certificate for Free.

Cloud Plan:- You can also add Single Domain in Cloud Plan. In this you also get 2GB Memory, 2 Core CPU and Free SSL Certificate.

My Opinion Hostgator Review in English on Open Source Web Hosting:- I will never recommend you to use Open Source Web Hosting, I am not saying that it is bad but you can buy Window Shared Hosting Plan better than that. would be better for you.

Hostgator Review in English – Cloud Hosting

In this you will get 3 plans. The special thing about these plans is that you plan is given under SSD.

Hatching Cloud: – In   this you can use Single Domain only. Along with Unmetered SSD Disk Space, this company also gives you 2 GB RAM and 2 Cores. Like all plans, in this also you get SSL certificate for free. You can also enjoy Unmetered Bandwidth and Local Caching in this plan.

Baby Cloud: – In this plan you get features like Unlimited Domains, Unmetered SSD Disk Space, 4 GB RAM, 4 Cores, Free SSL Certificate, Unmetered Bandwidth and Local Caching.

Business Cloud: – In this plan you get extra 6 GB RAM, 6 Cores and Free Upgrade to Positive SSL which you do not get to see in any other plan. And all other features are same.

My Opinion Hostgator Review in English on Cloud Hosting :- If there is a lot of traffic on your website then you can choose Baby Cloud of cloud hosting. I also used it on time, this is an amazing hosting plan, if you have multiple domains and everyone gets good traffic then this plan is the best.

Hostgator Review in English-WordPress Hosting

In this you will get 4 plans, if you want to know about these things in more detail then you will get all the details below.

Starter:- In this you have WordPress Installation, Dual Core CPU, 5 GB Storage, 2 GB RAM, and it supports up to 25k Traffic Monthly. Not only this, Unlimited Email Accounts, MOJO Marketplace and JetPack Plugin will be already installed in it.

Performance: – In this you get the option of 2 WordPress installation. Apart from Quad-Core CPU, 20 GB Storage, 4 GB RAM, this plan can handle 200k visitors per month. Rest of the features are same as Starter Plan.

Business:- In this you get 3 WordPress installation, Hexa Core CPU, 40 GB Storage, 6 GB RAM. You can bring 300k per month in this plan. And all other features are same.

Professional: – In this you get the option of 5 WordPress installation. You also get Hexa Core CPU, 40 GB Storage, 6 GB RAM under this plan. It can easily handle up to 500k visitors.

My Opinion Hostgator Review in English on WordPress Hosting : – Their performance plan is a very good option, if you are thinking of taking WordPress hosting, then you can definitely use their recommended plan once.

Hostgator Review In English- VPS Server Hosting

In this too you will get 4 plans, but this hosting is very costly, I would not advise everyone to use it at all.

Snappy 2000: – In this you get 2 Core CPU, 2 GB RAM, 20 GB SSD Disk Space, 1 TB Bandwidth and also the option of Free Website Migration.

Snappy 4000:- In this plan you get 2 Core CPU, 4 GB RAM, 40 GB SSD Disk Space, 1 TB Bandwidth, 1 Free Dedicated IPs and finally Free Website Migration option.

Snappy 6000: – Under this plan you get 3 Core CPU, 6 GB RAM, 80 GB SSD Disk Space, 2 TB Bandwidth, 1 Free Dedicated IPs and Free Website Migration.

Snappy 8000: – Under this plan you get the option of 4 Core CPU, 8 GB RAM, 120 GB SSD Disk Space, 2 TB Bandwidth, 1 Free Dedicated IPs, and Free Website Migration.

They have many other plans but they are not for common people. They can prove to be very good for the enterprise, but not for a normal website owner. Their other plans are very costly which no ordinary person can use.

My Opinion Hostgator Review in English on VPS Server Hosting :- You can choose “SNAPPY 4000” for VPS Server Hosting, it is very costly but its performance is much better than all the plans and it can also handle high traffic easily. could.

Advantages of HostGator Hosting

Now we are going to talk about the Advantages of Hostgator hosting so that you can know about it very well.

Fast Server Speed: – The speed of their servers is very good. If you want a hosting that has good server speed, then you can use HostGator. You also get very good server speed in Shared Hosting.

Discount: – If you have not made any hosting purchase from HostGator before today, then you will get a very good discount here. It takes great care of its new users.

Customer Support: – Their customer support is very amazing, they try to give you a reply as soon as possible. No matter what your plan is, it is capable of giving 24×7 Help Support.

Uptime Server: – Uptime is very important, it affects the performance of your website to a great extent. Its Server Uptime is 99.9%. Which is much better than other hosting companies.

Free Migration:- If you ever need to migrate your website, then this hosting company also takes care of you, it also gives you the option of Free Website Migration.

Money-Back Guarantee:- This company also gives you the option of 45 days Money Back Guarantee which is a very good thing. I also like this hosting company because here you can take your money whenever you want within 45 days.

Disadvantages of HostGator Hosting

Everything has two sides, if there is good in something then there is also evil. Let us now also know about some Disadvantages.

Limitation In Backup: – In their cheap plans, you do not get much features for backup, for this you have to use plugins. But this does not happen with higher plans, there you get the option of Daily Backup.

Online Chat Support:- Quite often you may have to face problems in Online Chat Support. They do not give you quick reply which happens with only 1 to 2% of the people.

Renewal Fee:- Before purchasing any plan, its Renewal Fee should also be checked. Quite often HostGator charges you more for renewal time but it also depends to a large extent on your hosting plan.

last word

It is very important for us to choose the right hosting because on this the foundation of our website is laid. HostGator is a perfect hosting company where you can buy hosting. This is a very good company for hosting plan, you must try it once. My biggest reason behind writing the “HostGator Review In English” post was to tell you about its plans.

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