Best internet marketing strategies in 2021

2021 was a turning point for us. Nobody expected such a shock in our funds, both for people and for companies.

But among all the lessons we’ve learned, there is one that we want to discuss in this article: digital marketing .

From now on, using the Internet to promote your brand and reach the public will be more important to the success of brands. So why not talk about great internet marketing strategy examples?

To help you evaluate and reschedule your campaigns, we’ll show you some great approaches to improve your visibility and lead to leads.

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1. SEO

Even with the many changes Google has pushed over the years, search engine optimization is still one of the best digital marketing strategies out there.

This is a technique where you optimize your content for the search engines by looking for high positions in the SERPs.

This way, when a user does research for a specific keyword, your page will be one of the first results.

SEO will increase organic traffic to your blog or website – an important goal for any online campaign as you don’t have to pay to work well.

Why try it

Times like these mean more competition and less budget when advertising online. You will of course continue to invest in search and social advertising, but great SEO will lead to a consistent and low-cost presence .

Not only will this make your brand more visible, but it will also give it new credibility. If Google thinks your company deserves to be shown first, people will believe it.

A tip for getting started

A company website should always take special care when optimizing code and content for SEO.

Remember to always use SEO techniques on and off the page. Plus, create quality content that answers your buyer’s concerns.

2. Social media marketing

Another great way to generate organic traffic at a low cost is by using social media.

If your online marketing strategy is based on relationships and trust, you can create an accurate image of your brand by interacting directly with your audience.

Social media marketing is based on two main pillars: content production and distribution, and a well thought out plan for social advertising . The balance between the two should always be your goal.

Why try it

Social media is a place to talk to distant friends, find and help those in need, and create new connections.

It is not crazy to think that they will be even more prevalent in the future, if possible. For digital marketing, this means more opportunities and more reach for brands trying to improve their lead generation capabilities.

A tip for getting started

Social media success starts with three pillars:

  • be constant;
  • be relevant;
  • don’t be intrusive.

It doesn’t matter the size or reach of your campaign, always keep this in mind.

It’s also very important to have a brand personality – a great personality for your company with a face, voice and self-interest.

He can be controlled and viewed online as a coherent and unique person with whom he can communicate.

3. Content Marketing

If you don’t pay much attention to content marketing yet, 2021 is the year to start.

Writing informative and compelling content is a way to gain the trust of your audience by imprinting your name on their minds.

This strategy is not only about writing, but also about what to write, how to do it, and where to share it.

A good plan can lead to a network of good content that will draw your attention to your products or services.

Why try it

Another thing that we remember in 2021 is important information.

Many companies use well-prepared training materials to help and get closer to their audience.

This is another strategy that grows every year. If you don’t start now, you may soon have to play catch-up.

A tip for getting started

The content graph is vital to your strategy. It is the calendar that determines when to plan, produce and distribute. But you can’t just think about when.

4. Email marketing

Email is a great marketing channel that hasn’t changed much in its form, but has changed a lot in its processes.

Automation has made this strategy broader and more personalized. This allows businesses to send the right messages at the right time when potential customers are ready to take the next steps to purchase.

It is one of the most used internet marketing tools today.

E-commerce, for example, is nothing without it. It is a reliable, direct and measurable way to connect with each person in your database individually.

Why try it

When we talk about email marketing, automation platforms are becoming more and more functional. You can find many uses for it, from lead generation to brand loyalty promotion.

A tip for getting started

Email marketing is largely based on triggers – a set of conditions that tell the system it’s time to send a message to X in order to lead Y.

So, planning and setting these triggers is the core of your strategy. To do this right, you need to think the way your personality thinks.

You need to understand how they act and react and what they expect from you after each new interaction.

5. Mobile

Mobile marketing is more like a platform than a media or channel. But many companies are showing that incorporating this into their digital marketing strategies can generate big returns.

Its main advantage is that these days we all carry a smartphone in our pocket. Geolocalized ads and push notifications can make online marketing a reality .

Apart from this, the company can even invest in its own application. It’s a way to create a unique, customizable and controlled user experience – all geared towards engagement and transformation.

Why try it

Mobile devices are already the predominant way of consuming content and browsing the web. The trend for 2021 and beyond is to make it even more popular.

The more time your company spends without focusing on mobile devices, the more space you lose to competitors. So it’s time to start.

A tip for getting started

When it comes to mobile advertising and app development, you should keep in mind that there is a wide variety of models, screen sizes and specifications.

So you have to create the perfect experience , but also leave some room for reaction and adaptation. And don’t forget to create specific mobile KPIs as well.

6. Influencers

YouTube and Instagram have exploded the popularity of digital influencers.

These people drive sales and create the same halo effect that companies have been looking for in celebrities for years.

Why try it

Partnerships with digital influencers are proving to be far more rewarding than regular big celebrities. The key is participation.

Their influence is usually found in niches with high loyalty rates. The influencer fan wants to buy what they use, talk about, and show on screen – much more than a TV personality or movie star.

In this sense , influencer marketing has a great ROI . After all, you pay less for a laser campaign that attracts more.

A tip for getting started

The type of ad that works best with this strategy depends on the context. You don’t want an influencer to just talk about the features your product has to offer.

The best approach is to create specific, unique content that you can add personality to.

Storytelling and interaction are the main building blocks of your plan.

7. Interactive content

Speaking of interaction, why not create pieces that inform, advertise, and ask the character to act?

Interactive content is material that immediately grabs attention because it cannot be used without user interaction . Some examples are interactive infographics, quizzes, and lookbooks.

Why try it

Interactive content is becoming popular, especially on social media, as viral, fun and engaging content.

They offer more than traditional formats and the audience is always driven by novelty.

This is why we see interaction becoming the norm . A great strategy now can make you a trailblazer in years to come.

A tip for getting started

Whenever you plan interactive content marketing, you need to consider what kind of interaction your customer is expecting and what motivates them to engage.

But it’s also important to think about what you expect from them . What actions do you want after that: share your email address, subscribe to the newsletter, subscribe on social media, among others.

As you can see, most of the digital marketing strategies to try in 2021 are already consolidated and well established. So why talk about it now?

Something that this particular year brought in was a new sense of urgency that digital marketing will from now on be the primary channel for advertising and promotion .

It is also the realization that relationship, interaction and participation will always be the driving forces of humanity. Brands need to do this quickly. With these internet marketing strategies, you’ll be ready for it.

If you’d like to delve into one of the trends mentioned, download our SEO guide and learn how to optimize your strategy!

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